Dublanc Fishing Group 616-0773

Dublanc Fishing Group 616-0773
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Welcome to our page! We are a group of 35 able-bodied fisherfolk from the vibrant community of Dublanc. Our goals are to:
• Promote the interest of fishing within the fishermen in the Community
• Help Young men of Dublanc to be more unified
• Organize a series of talks and seminars on the updated way of fishing, and the proper method on storage.
• Promote Safety informing on fishing

We provide Fresh Fish of all sizes as well as
Outboard Motor Oil
Crushed Ice
Baits, Hooks and other fishing equipments

We will also soon have a Gas Station

For more information, please contact Secretary/Treasurer Lester Bertrand
Phone: 767-616-0773
Email: lestb90@gmail.com

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