Layou Park Nature Farms 285-3173

Layou Park Nature Farms 285-3173
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Layou Park Nature Farms (LPNF) is company/partnership registered in 2013. We grow Moringa Oleifera. on the rich soils of the Layou Valley and other areas of the Nature Island of Dominica in the Caribbean. We respect and cherish the land and environment mother nature has given us and at the same time offer the world this super food rich in protein, 7 vitamins, 6 minerals, 20 amino-acids, 26 anti-oxidants, natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and fungal, anti-toxin and antibiotic, and numerous other properties. LPNF recognises the important role which small farmers play in protecting the environment and the richness which comes from our land to protect and enhance the health of our customers.

Thank you for patronizing our business!

Joseph Peltier and Claxton Shillingford: Proprietors.


Layou Park Nature Farms

Commonwealth of Dominica



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