Quality Plumbers/Electric/Gas 235-5547

Quality Plumbers/Electric/Gas 235-5547
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Legal Status:
Quality Plumbers commenced business operations in July 1, 2007 and the business was registered in accordance with the Registration of Business Names Act Chap. 75:46 of the revised laws of Dominica, 1990 on August 20th, 2007 as a sole proprietorship. The proprietor is Mr. Albert Faustin.

Specializes in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial works.
Projects are done in accordance with Standards meaning codes, regulation etc.
We love what we do that’s why we do it with pride and quality and our customers
over the years can attest to that.

Some of the major Projects Completed are:

1. Schools (New Dominica Grammar School)
2. Apartment Buildings (Tee Bay Villars)
3. Hotels (Atlantis Resort and Spa, Pagua Bay Resort)
4. Banks (National Development Bank Portsmouth)
5. Gas Fuel Stations (West Indies Oil Fuel Stations)
6. Sewage Systems (Ross University School of Medicine)
7. Water Supply to developing sights (River Estate Housing Development)
8. Fisheries Complex (Roseau)
9. LPG Plumbing (KFC/ Witchurch Portsmouth)
10. Dwelling Houses (Plumbing / Electricals/ Gas)
11. Swimming Pools
12. Dubique Relocation Housing Scheme
13. Labs of Dominica State College and Dominica Grammar School (Gas)

Employees:  The business presently has four employees.

Qualification and Experience:

The Manager, Mr. Albert Faustin holds a Diploma in Plumbing
and Electricals Technology and Practice from City and Guilds London Institute. He attended the Clifton Dupigny Community College for two years and has been a qualified Plumber from 1991 with a wealth of experience and a qualified Electrician from 2013.

Address / Contact Information:
174 Lime Street
Bath Estate, Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica
Phone 448-4755/235-5547/616-9386

Email Address: albejf@gmail.com


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