About Grass Roots Agency

Grassrootsskillsfinder.com is the place you come to in order to find reliable service providers offering a wide range of products and skilled services. We are located on the beautiful Nature Island of Dominica in the Caribbean.

Grass Roots Agency Inc. was born from the challenges the owner repeatedly faced in finding skilled, reliable service providers in Dominica. With the knowledge that other individuals were experiencing the same challenges and wanting to find a solution, grassrootsskillsfinder.com was created. Locally there are many individuals with a range of skills offering products & services that many potential customers need.

Whether you need a carpenter, plumber, gardener, or to order some coconut tablet candy, grassrootsskillsfinder.com is the site you turn to, in order to locate skilled local entrepreneurs offering a wide selection of skilled services and who also need their services to be promoted.

One of our goals at grassrootsskillsfinder.com is to encourage the provision of reliable, quality customer service, no matter what product or service is being sought and sold.