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  • is also the place you come to for people who need services and cannot find a reliable skilled person to provide them. You will find dependable service providers offering a wide range of skills. is Your door to the World, as overseas clients can also contact you for your skills.

The Grass Roots site offers a wide range of service providers. When you need a service or product, e.g. you may need a gardener, or a plumber, carpenter, vendor etc. log onto You can see the wide selection of categories on the home page.. The site makes it easy to locate the right people with the right skills,for the job you need in a timely manner.

  • If you are an individual working from home, or a reliable professional with skills, looking to build your reputation and get business, then is the place for you. Simply click on the “register” button and enter a username and your email address.  You should already have an email address.  If not, you can create one on or use any other free email service.
  • A password will be emailed to you. Login and follow the directions to build your profile.
  • You can choose your skill, from the list of skill categories available on the site. Your profile description should be simple, clear and accurate. You can upload images also. Your ad will appear in the Skills Directory on the site and you are now starting your journey to get new customers.
  • Click on All categories and select the skill(s) you need. You can also click on All locations to find a skill in a specific area.  To contact that person, you need to register on  Once that’s done, you can contact the provider of your choice.  You can also click on the skill in Explore our categories You also have the option to use the search box to find the right people for the kind of service or product you need.
  • You have to register to contact another member through the site. While you may be able to contact the member offline, we encourage you to sign-up on and use the service.  Together we can show support for our small local business services community.
  • helps you build your businesses reputation when you offer quality service using the site. You also have the opportunity to be featured on the grassroots website, if you upgrade. More customers will see you and use your service. Once you have a good quality of product or service, there will be more business for you.
  • Signing up on the site is free – it costs nothing to register, build a profile and start using the basic service. There is another level for which a small fee will be charged.
  • Your business can be featured on when you upgrade to the Level 2 Plan. This plan gives you more benefits for a small cost, including the ability to upload more images and videos and to be featured on our home page for a specific period.
  • To post, is to put information online, like on the website.  When you register and log in to the site, you as a member, can post information about your services/products on The person who needs your skills, will post messages to the member when he/she needs those services.
  • The service provider is offering a skill. That skill could be gardening, carpentry, making coconut tablet, hair styling etc.
  • If you don’t see your skill, choose Other from the list of skill categories available on the site. After you log in to My Account, you can send us an email from your private messages area to let us know. We are open to ideas for additional categories.

Click on ‘Post your business or Skill’ to post a new skill. Fill in the empty fields/areas and you can also upload images/photos. There is a small cost to upgrade to get more benefits. You will see ‘pending review’ and you will be informed by email when your account is activated.

  • You should always check your mail.  When users contact you or respond to your posts, will send you these messages by email. You can manage your posts by checking your email and responding quickly.
  • Privacy Policy informs you on how we manage our members and users’ information from our site. We do not sell any of this information. Your information is used to improve the experience and for providing us with relevant customer data.

Username is fixed once you register.

Login then find and click on your posted skill then click on the green “Edit Skill” button.