How it Works

Individuals Requesting Skills Service

Look around! See something you like? Click on the skills directory for the service you need.  If you like what you see, click on register and contact the seller using your grassroots email.  The seller will then contact you to discuss service and payment details.

When the provider has delivered the product or service and received your payment, you should email your feedback to grassroots. You can give the service provider a good review to show how awesome of a job he/she did!

Individuals Providing Skills Service

Register and post your skill for users to view. When users decide they want to purchase your skill, they will register and contact you via your grassroots email. You have a private messages area where you communicate with the buyers.  Both you and the buyer will be sent a confirmation email along with contact details. You can then contact the user with details on how they should transfer payment to you.

After you have completed the service and received payment from the buyer, email grassroots to confirm the service was provided and transaction is complete.  The user will verify that you have completed the task.

That’s all there is to it!